Monday, May 31, 2010

My favorite photography sites

What do you do when you want to learn more about photography, but don't have time to take a class, or want to snoop around for some info around the internet?  Plenty!!  I wanted to list a few of my favorite websites for learning more about photography.

Luminous Landscape:  this is a great website with tons of various lessons and tutorials about photography.  Some of the discussions are pretty technical, so if you want to get in deep into the science of photography, this is a good place to go.

David Ziser's Digital Pro Talk:  this is the wedding photographer's blog.  David is a well known wedding photographer who is known for his lighting techniques.  His blog discusses his techniques, gear and shows some of his great work.

When it comes to Photoshop and digital photography, no one is better known than Scott Kelby.  He has written numerous books regarding photography and Photoshop how-to, including "The Digital Photography Book" volumes 1-3.  (these are my favorites).  His blog is entertaining and educational.  Scott is a tremendous photographer and a fabulous keyboard artist.  I saw him perform with his band a couple years ago at Photoshop World.  (a twice yearly national meeting for teaching Photoshop and photography.)

My favorite podcast is "The Digital Photo Experience" with Rick Sammon and Juan Pons.  On the podcast they interview other photographers, discuss techniques, review gear and answer questions.  There associated webpage, has some interesting stuff too.  My recent favorite is this:

If you have serious interest in Photoshop, it's worthwhile to join the National Association of Photoshop Professionals
My favorite places to find photographic equipment on line are and

Next time, hopefully we'll have some pictures to look at.

Flint Hills Imagemakers: here to make you a better photographer!

We live in the "golden age" of photography.  We can get images easily, and move them around electronically without getting close to a piece of paper.  The cameras are amazing, with the ability to create pictures immediately without a lot of adjustments.  With the explosion of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, it is increasingly easy to see others work.  Vice versa, for the aspiring (or established) photographer, it is easier to get the images "out there" to be seen.  Truly a wonderful time in photography.

There is, however, a difference between one who uses their electronic device to collect images and post them on the web, versus a photographer that plans and sets up the image, knows how to set up the camera to get the look and the lighting he/she wants and then can process them in the computer to make truly stunning images.  Part of that ability is an art:  the ability to imagine a picture in your head and composing the picture in the camera viewfinder.  The other part of that ability is knowledge of the camera and software and skill with it's use.  The truly great photographers can do both.

As we move through the blog, we hope you can pick up some clues to good photography along the way.  I hope I can too.  I hope to have other photographers from our area share their skills on this blog.  I also hope to have some podcast recordings from our upcoming class in Council Grove, KS that will be informative as well.

Next post. . .where to get up to date with your photography.

Joel Hornung
Council Grove, KS